My Life

Team Building & Concerts Rock!

My team and I decided to do some bonding and purchased tickets to see Florida Georgia Line at PNC Art Center.

It was truly an amazing show. Nelly hit the stage first and jammed out to some of the old-school songs that transported me back to my first summer after graduating high school. At that time, I think I was the only one who actually listened to rap and country music. My friends did not understand my obsession with Kenney Chesney back then, but we since have come a long way and now my two favorite genres of music are on the road together.

The most amazing part was looking around and seeing the demographic. This was not a concert for kids, it was not a show for adults or our grandparent’s music. This was a show that united not only my own team, but also bridged the age gap of 2, maybe 3 generations. I think that’s why I love music so much.

The energy could be felt from the parking lot, to the stage. And, once our favorite performer took the stage, the pit turned into one big family.

It’s different when you are at a ball game, you have to choose a side. The fun is beating the other team. While music only cares about your soul and how much you can feel through every note. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good ball game, but the feeling is not as peaceful. Music can rip that scab off, push you through defeat, heal your heart and set the mood for greatness.

I think music is probably one of the biggest gifts given to man. If I was ever given one wish to change anything about myself, I would definitely ask for a great voice to sing. Unfortunately, I am tone death and can only play music if I read notes. It must feel so amazing to be able to let a melody leave your mouth and express what you feel inside. I bet it feels like walking into a cold pool on a hot summer day. I’m so jealous of anyone with the ability to sing.

The bottom line for me was that we had an amazing time. It was incredible to see how much we bonded and how everyone enjoyed the