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How to Rise After Falling

One of the most frustrating challenges in the staffing business is finding the right fit for a candidate and a hiring manager, and then having the candidate back out at the last minute.

If you’ve been part of any hiring process, you know, or can imagine, how much time and effort, and the many resources it takes. It’s an investment. For recruiters and account managers, there’s not only compensation at stake, but also our valuable reputations.

Recently, I experienced a double whammy—two candidates backed out on the same day. Even though each backed out for legitimate reasons (a permanent position, more money, greater challenge), I still experienced that “punched in the gut” feeling.

What came next reminded me of why I love my colleagues here at Signature.

No time was wasted by pointing fingers. Some team members took it upon themselves to research the “why” behind the back outs. Their goal was to find any similarities and discover the “Why did it happen?” so we all would be smarter and better.

No energy was spent on blame. Our focus remained on what we could control. The candidates and their decisions were respected. It wasn’t about anyone’s fault; it was about working together to move forward.

We came together as friends first. While “friends first” may sound like a cliché here at Signature, it was this joining together that alleviated the awful feeling I experienced. There was an underlying respect among us that created unified confidence. Tackling this disappointment together made it easier to rise and turn our attention back to serving our clients and candidates.

In the staffing business, there always will be things that happen outside of our control, no matter how expert we are at building relationships, understanding client needs, and finding the right fit. My “bad day” was really an opportunity for me to witness trust in action from my teammates— an opportunity I truly relish. This is why I know that my team, and Signature, will continue to be a defining force in this industry—the business of serving people.