My Life

Holiday Reflections

This was the first time I cooked for the holidays and it turned out really well. I created a mix of traditional Russian dishes and American holiday items. The best news is that nobody ate and ran! Everyone was stuffed and we sat around after dinner and enjoyed each other’s company.

As I reflect on Thanksgiving and the entire holiday season, I can’t help but think about how I made it to the U.S. My parents gave up everything in St. Petersburg, Russia to move to “the promised land.” They each packed one suitcase and took a huge leap of faith in an effort to ensure a better life for me. I’m amazed by the maturity, strength, and partnership it took for them to complete their journey.

Our start-up office in New Jersey is another leap of faith, and I’m currently aligning my parents’ approach with my efforts here. Everything we’re doing is about overcoming obstacles with a never-give-up attitude. The entire team is investing their time and bravely facing rejection during their calls and meetings every day.

When I look at all of this, I realize that the greatness of America carries from generation to generation. We are all immigrants or descendants of those who emigrated here—it’s what we have in common. From the pilgrims to my parents and modern-day families, everyone came to America to make a better life.

I’m still impressed when I see what it takes for people to come together to build better lives for themselves and others. It’s why I’m grateful for my friends, family, and Signature team this holiday season.